Voltpost retrofits lampposts into a modular and upgradable electric vehicle charging platform. This provides people convenient and affordable charging access while reducing the cost, timing, and footprint of chargers.

We are on a mission to decarbonize mobility by democratizing charging access.


We’re proud to work with so many industry leaders on this transformative journey.

Our Team

The Voltpost team’s multidisciplinary experience encompasses business, technology, design and sustainability. We’ve previously worked at Samsung, Apple, The White House, Waymo, Barclays, EverCharge, and other notable places.


We have diverse backgrounds developing consumer products that have been distributed globally and have been awarded over 50 patents from previous endeavors. We know how to build innovative, award winning products, manufacture them at scale and deploy them into the real world.

Jeff Prosserman
Co-Founder, CEO
Joern Vicari
Co-Founder, CPO
Luke Mairo
Co-Founder, COO
Aditi Desai
Director, Partnerships
Agam Mittal
Electrical Engineer
Alejandro Vallejo
Senior Director, Hardware Engineering
Alvin Li
Senior Product Manager
Chelsea Kammerer
Senior Director, Public Affairs
Chiraag Hebbar
Mechanical Enginer
Corey McGuire
Manufacturing Engineer
Dan Lipsitt
Principal Firmware Engineer
David Vileta
System Engineer
Jason Woodruff
Mechanical Engineer
Jeffrey Jones
Senior Director, Industrial Design
John Bindel
Senior Director, Software Engineering
Olivia Cosio
Grant Writer
Sandra Chiu
Mechanical Engineer
Yerin Cho
Industrial Designer
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