Voltpost retrofits lampposts into a modular and upgradable Level 2 EV charging platform powered by a mobile app. This first-of-a-kind platform in the U.S. provides people convenient and affordable charging while reducing the cost, timing and footprint of chargers. Voltpost’s charger design can be installed in minutes, on an existing public or privately owned lamppost, providing communities with a scalable, equitable, and cost-effective solution.

  • Significantly less expenses compared to standalone chargers. 
  • Reduced installation cost and time with no construction or trenching required.
  • Flexible approach that includes one to four chargers on a single lamppost. 
  • Maximum uptime with a weatherproof retractable cable management system.
  • Future-proofing to support revenue-generating features beyond EV charging such as connectivity, grid, and more services. 
  • Award-winning design that blends into the fabric of communities.

The modular design enables Voltpost to work on most metal lampposts. This includes round, octagonal, and square poles of various sizes. We plan to have Voltpost work with wooden lamp posts on an upcoming version of the product. Email us with questions about lampposts in your community.

Voltpost currently supports Level 2 charging, up to 7.6 kW per charging port. This provides 25-30 miles charged per hour. Each Voltpost can be customized with one to four charging ports.

Not at all. Voltpost uses a dedicated service separate from the street light. A core part of the product is leveraging the existing infrastructure to provide equitable and cost efficient EV charging access curbside and in parking lots. This new service has an independent, utility approved, meter. This does not impact the streetlight service in any meaningful way.

Yes. Voltpost is universally compatible with any EV sold in the United States. Currently, the product has a J-1772 plug, which is standard for non-Tesla EVs and accessible to Teslas with an adapter. The upcoming product roadmap will accommodate the industry shift to the North American Charging Standard (NACS), to support all future EVs.

Drivers can download the Voltpost mobile app for the best charging experience. The app enables drivers to manage charging events and receive charging analytics. Drivers can discover nearby chargers with access to account billing details. In addition, Voltpost aligns with National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) standards and will soon accept payments via contactless methods and SMS. Voltpost also plans to integrate with partners including, but not limited to, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Voltpost is also exploring contact-based payments through EMV chip readers, magnetic swipe, and tap-to-pay.

Voltpost has been engineered to withstand the elements. The system is rated to operate reliably in a temperature range between -40ºC and 55ºC. Furthermore, Voltpost can tolerate varying humidity, ranging from 0% up to 100%. This makes Voltpost a perfect fit for any location, no matter the climate conditions.

Vandalism is a major concern for municipalities across the United States and Voltpost was designed with this in mind. The product is built with weatherproof, anodized aluminum. The thick, impact-resistant walls easily withstand the elements. Graffiti paint is easily removed by simply washing the anodized surface with a cotton cloth soaked with any common solvent. In the case of extreme, unrepairable vandalism, our modular system is monitored for charger health in the cloud and allows for replacement of affected components in hours.

Voltpost is also a canvas for local art and advertising. The charger can be wrapped with a vinyl to provide personalization that fits into the fabric of communities. This creative solution promotes community engagement and can feature the work of local artists. This reduces the likelihood of vandalism.

Yes, Voltpost is assembled in the USA from over 60% USA sourced components and materials.

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